Goodyear India launches new two tyre products

Goodyear India has launched two new tyre products – Assurance DuraPlus 2 and Wrangler AT SilentTrac targeted at passenger vehicles in the Indian market. Assurance Duraplus 2 is designed for small to midsized passenger cars and is for value-conscious tyre buyers, the Wrangler AT SilentTrac is targeted at SUVs whose drivers seek adventure and full control over the wheels.

The upgraded DuraWall technology helps in rugged off-road use by resisting cuts and tears, allowing versatility for drivers to go off-road at a moment’s notice. The improved rigid shoulder blocks and optimized tread pattern design deliver outstanding strength and reduced road noise for a quieter ride, while also resulting in excellent mileage and on and off-road performance.

Company Profile : Goodyear India Ltd

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