Okinawa launches i-Praise bike

Okinawa has launched its i-Praise e-scooter at a price of Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom) in India. The new model will have a detachable lithium-ion battery and has a reduced charging time span of only 2-3 hours, compared to the 6-8 hour charging time on for the lead-acid battery on the Okinawa Praise.

The battery can be charged via a 5A socket, and an additional swappable battery pack will cost Rs 70,000. The new model is around 30 to 40% lighter and also has higher range of 160-180km and a top speed of 55-75kph under ideal testing conditions. The scooter is available in three colour combinations – red and black, golden and black, silver and black.

Company Profile : Okinawa Scooters Pvt Ltd

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